I'm currently a C developer (with the occasional python, html, javascript, bash, zsh, ....) at Ecessa in Plymouth, MN. In my free time, I read, code, play Minecraft, explore the twin cities and more. I majored in Computer Science, Spanish and minored in Math, to give you an idea of where my interests lie.

I've recently created this site (still in progress) and will update it with more info as I expand my online presence and start releasing more of my code to the public (some old, some new).

first post

25 Aug 2013

Hello everyone.

So I’ve finally kind of turned this into a blog. It’s still a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll update this regularly. We’ll see. I first created this site in February and haven’t really done anthing with it until now.

Commenting will come soon as well as some other UI tweaks

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